Athletic Prime is an athletic development program and brand with the recreational athlete in mind. The vision is to be a beacon for the recreational athlete who desires to sustain the highest athletic version of himself possible. The mission is to provide the recreational athlete with simple, practical and efficient training solutions as well as a welcoming community of like minded individuals to share the athletic journey with.

 **The Athletic Prime Portfolio Program**

     The aim of this program is to provide a platform to athletes from which to build a well diversified athletic base. The Athletic Prime Portfolio Program uses 12 classic tests of athleticism (see below) as benchmarks to measure overall athleticism and physical fitness against.

     The idea behind the Athletic Prime Portfolio is not necessarily to train to win an Olympic medal.  It is rather about being an overall athletic & functional human being, optimised for survival. For example, if you are in the wild and had to run for your life - could you? Or, if you had to hang off a cliff or branch for dear life - could you hold on? Maybe you have to jump up to a higher surface to escape - will you make it? Imagine you had to lift a heavy object off of your loved one to free them - are you strong enough? These examples may sound extreme but reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

     My aim is to ensure that you are athletic, functional and durable enough as a person to be physically able to rise to the occasion should such moments of truth present themselves.

The 12 Athletic Prime Benchmarks:

1) Vertical Jump:

Measures ability to display leg power by displacing centre of mass vertically, jumping from a two-legged standing position.

2) Broad Jump: 

Measures ability to display leg power by displacing centre of mass horizontally, jumping from a two-legged standing position.

3) L- Agility: 

Measures running agility for performing and transitioning in & out of 90° & 180° directional changes, while running through an L-shaped cone configuration.

4) T- Agility: 

Measures running agility for performing and transitioning in & out of lateral shuffling and backpedaling, while running through a T-shaped cone configuration.

5) 40 Yard Dash: 

Measures capacity for running acceleration during a 40 yard sprint.

6) 100 Meter Dash:

Measures capacity to attain top end running speed during a 100 meter sprint.

7) 400 Meter Dash: 

Measures capacity to sustain near top end running speed during a 400 meter sprint.

8) Deadlift: 

Traditional/Sumo/Trap Bar, 1 repetition maximum.

Measure absolute and relative whole body pulling strength.

9) Squat: 

Front/Back/Safety Bar, 1 repetition maximum.

Measures absolute and relative leg strength.

10) Press: 

Overhead/Bench, 1 repetition maximum.

Measures absolute and relative upper body pushing strength.

11) Pull Ups:

Maximum amount of Pull Ups done in 1:00. Measures upper body pulling endurance capacity.

12) Push Ups:

Maximum amount of Push Ups done in 1:00. Measures upper body pushing endurance capacity.