Founder, Owner, Coach

At an early age, I discovered the positive effects of strength conditioning on my athleticism.  Especially through my favourite sports of Basketball and American Football. As the years passed, I realised that I was able to maintain a respectable amount of athleticism by continuing to train like an athlete, even now in my late forties.

I believe that as we age, the goal should be to maintain as much athleticism as possible. In my mind, a high level of athleticism should equate with a high level of health. To me, the art is in finding the right amount of volume, frequency and modalities to keep you training consistently with intensity through the years.

Therefore, my mission is to provide safe, simple, practical and efficient training solutions for you on your athletic journey. Whether you compete or not, I believe you should constantly strive to bring out your inner athlete. 

Athletic Prime, my company name, stands for this ideal. With a vision to be a beacon for aspiring athletes worldwide, I truly and ultimately believe that if you Train Athletic,… you will Stay Prime!