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Athletic Prime Portfolio Challenge

The challenge consists of 10 tests to establish a baseline from which to build your Athletic Portfolio.

1) Overhead Squat

(Mobility clearance test before performing loaded squat movements )

*Directions: Stand with feet parallel and hip width apart, with arms extended overhead with elbows straight and hands wider than shoulder width apart. Squat until hip crease is lower than top of knee while keeping feet flat, knees tracking toes, torso behind knees and arms fully extended overhead and then stand up to full extension. Repeat at least 2 repetitions; 1 to assess front view and 1 for side view.

*6 compensations to look for due to various muscular tightnesses :

1. Elbows Bend: (Pecs, Lats)--Front View 2. Forward Torso Lean (Hip Flexors)--Side View 3. Low Back Rounds (Hamstrings)--Side View 4. Knees Cave In (Hip Adductors)--Front View 5. Feet Rotate Out (Hip External Rotators)--Front View 6. Heels Raise (Calves)--Side View

*Equipment: Device for self video

*Scoring: (on a scale of 0,1,2,3)

(0) Pain with movement: medical check up recommended

(1) 2 or more compensations: squat mobility exercises recommended. Loaded squat movements not recommended.

(2) 1 compensation: supplement loaded squat movements with squat mobility exercises

(3) No Compensations: can perform loaded squat movements. supplemental squat mobility exercises unnecessary.

2) Straight Leg Raise

(Mobility clearance test before performing loaded deadlift movements)

*Directions: Lay supine on the floor with both legs fully extended and arms on the floor. Raise the right leg as high as possible without bending the right knee, keeping the left leg completely flat on the floor and both ankles completely dorsiflexed. Repeat the procedure on the left side. Perform 1-2 repetitions on each leg.

*Equipment: Device for self video

*Scoring: Right and Left (on a scale of 0,1,2,3) Right: (right leg up); Left