Have been working with Carlos for about 15 months. For someone who sits at a desk for most of the day, his emphasis on mobility and proper form has enabled tangible results. He is incredibly knowledgeable and spends time explaining the bio-mechanics of each exercise. He caters to his clients with a flexible schedule, is very reliable and I would highly recommend his service.

Jamie T.

I've worked with a bunch of trainers over the years and Carlos was hands down the best. The first reason is that Carlos has serious technical knowledge and a first-rate understanding of biomechanics. He helped me get functionally stronger and a lot more fit not by shouting at me to lift more, but by stressing – and being incredibly strict about – good form. I thought I knew quite a lot about training, but I learned an incredible amount from Carlos. The second reason is that I've never had a trainer who was more invested in my success. Carlos really took the time to not only hear what I was saying about how my body was working. but paid super close attention on a daily basis to how my body was responding to our training and made appropriate adjustments that significantly improved my overall health and functional fitness. I can't recommend him highly enough.